Edinburgh Christadelphian Church

Wednesday Bible Classes
The purpose of our Wednesday Bible Classes is to help one another in everyday life.

The Bible is the source-book for our beliefs and our understanding of God. It is the means God has used to record His work in history, His message, warnings and promises, first to the Jews and the early Christians and then through them to us.

Because it was written a long time ago in a different language and context, the Bible is not always easy to understand. Our Bible Classes direct us to what it says, encourage us to read it carefully, and - most importantly - they seek to enable us to apply Bible principles to life today.

The range of subjects and approaches on the programme is drawn from suggestions from those who attend.

Individual leaders study the subjects and arrange the Bible Class format in whatever manner they prefer. The aim is to present the Bible message in as effective and meaningful a way as possible, so the teacher's approach varies. In this way there is freshness, and we are all stimulated to pay close attention and to think for ourselves: "What challenges do these things in the Bible make to me?"

Because the Bible is a complicated series of books, people who read it approach it in differing ways and see issues from different points of view. There is therefore discussion at our Bible Classes, and this is important and healthy. We try to understand what each contributor says and why. It is by the interchange of ideas and thoughts that people are helped to arrive at useful conclusions.

At the end of the Bible Class we aim to think in our own minds: "What useful things to me can I draw from what was said and discussed?" Or, more simply, “So what?”

If you would like details about our Christadelphian beliefs, please ask one of us. If you wish to join in the discussion at the Bible Classes by comments or questions, you are welcome to do so.

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