Edinburgh Christadelphian Church

Our Sunday services have recommenced; on the first Sunday in the month we meet in person. On the other Sundays we meet on Zoom only.
Who are you?
We are a small, though world-wide, church. We try to follow the simplicity of New Testament Christianity in a way which is relevant today.
You have a very strange name….
The name Christadelphian comes from two Greek words and means "Brothers (and Sisters) of Christ". The title was first coined during the American Civil War (1861-65) when the small group of believers in America needed an official name to receive exemption (for Christian reasons) from taking part in the War.
I’ve never heard of Christadelphians. How many are there?
The total number of Christadelphians in the world amounts to about 30,000. The Church in Edinburgh was founded in the 1850s and numbers around 30 members. Our Church is small enough for members to know one another well.
What are your services like?
We follow a simple pattern, with prayers, hymns, Bible readings and a talk by a member. We have no paid ministers, so we organise the services and other activities ourselves. The majority are involved in this, which leads to a variety of approach and much individual interest. All are encouraged to read the Bible, to have a sound knowledge of its teachings, and to apply these to daily attitudes and living.
What do you believe?
Our main beliefs include:

• The world is created by God who has a purpose for it.

• God reveals this purpose in the Bible which is given to guide us into true belief and conduct.

• God sent his son Jesus to tell people about himself and by Jesus’ death to reconcile us to himself.

• Jesus established a community of believers (the church) to live in obedience to God and to spread the knowledge of God.

• History is working towards the climax of God’s purpose in the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. Jesus will bring about righteousness and peace.

• Men and women are separated from God by their sins and their rejection of him, but can be reconciled by repentance and joining themselves to the Church by baptism (by adult immersion in water, as in the New Testament).

• For believers death is not the end, but they will sleep until the resurrection of the dead at the return of Jesus. The faithful will enjoy eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

• Those who have joined this Church seek to live a new life in the power of God.

• This new life involves loving God and our neighbour. We seek therefore to help all in need - physically, spiritually and mentally.
What do you actually do?
Amongst our activities we:
• Meet on Sunday mornings at 11.15 to worship God and to break bread in remembrance of the death and resurrection of Christ. Please look at our
Sundays page for details of when the service is hybrid or only on Zoom.
• Run a Sunday School and Young People's Study Class (Sundays 11.15). Please look at our
Sundays page for details of when the classes are hybrid or only on Zoom.
• Hold Bible Discussion Classes on Wednesday evenings (7.30 to 8.45). Please look at our
Wednesdays page for details of when the service is hybrid or only on Zoom.
• Organise conferences and discussions to examine and promote Christian answers to problems of living in the modern world.
• Help the work of various charities in this country and overseas.
• Preach in various ways including by special meetings and discussions and by producing and distributing leaflets and magazines.
Will I be welcome at your services?
Of course! Everyone is welcome. We invite you to come along to any of our services or activities, to examine what we believe, and to see whether the faith which gives us a reliable foundation for life could be yours too.
How can I find out more?
Probably the best way is to contact us, either by email or in person on a Sunday or a Wednesday. We have a range of leaflets and books available.

You will be under no obligation and no pressure will be put on you if you do not wish further contact. But we would like to share with you the improvement in life which Jesus Christ has made for us.

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